Off-Season High School/Middle School Classes

We run an off-season training program for girls who compete for their high school teams. This class runs until the start of high school season. The high school group trains without the interruption of other classes, and an opportunity to touch on all four events. Working with trained, experienced and professional instructors, gymnast can confidently learn new skills in their off-season. 


Recreational Level's 1-5

Girls recreational classes are for beginner gymnasts to skilled level gymnasts.

Theses classes teach performing gymnastics skills correctly in a safe environment, all with a professional instructor.

** We test skills on bars and floor only, these events determine the basis of strength and technique. 

Students will pass level when each skill listed can be performed correctly & independently.

Level 1

Bars: Pullover w/ Mat, 3 casts in a row,  Forward Roll, 3 Second bent arm hang.

Floor: Forward roll, backward roll on wedge, cartwheel, handstand

Level 2

Bars: Pullover, Back Hip Circle,  Shoot Through, 3 Glide Swings

Floor: Handstand Roll Down, Straight Arm Backward Roll, Running Cartwheel, Bridge kick-over off Mat OR Backbend

Level 3

Bars: Glide Swing from Standing, Swinging with regrip, Stride Circle OR Front Hip Circle

Floor: Round-Off Rebound, Handstand to Bridge, Back Handspring on Wedge, Bridge kick-over on Floor 

Level 4

Bars: Glide Kip, Tap Swing, Squat on, High Bar Dismount

Floor: Round-off Back Handspring, Front Handspring, Front/Back walkovers, Front Tuck, Back Tuck on Tumbl Trak


Preschool Classes

At Granite City Gymnastics, we offer a variety of preschool classes at flexible times. We have an exclusive preschool area, and small class sizes to fully enhance your child's experience at the gym. Our "Theme of the Week" provides a fun learning environment. Whether your child will stick with it or not - gymnastics has continued to be a great sport for preschool aged kids! 

Parent Tot Classes 

This class is for toddlers 24+ months with the guidance of their Mommy/Daddy/Grandma/Grandpa/etc. Its a high energy, fun-filled, half-hour class, with time spent on the obstacle courses in the preschool gym & time in the foam pit.

Preschool 1

This class is 45 mins long and designed for an independent 3-4 year-old. Children will spend time in the preschool gym learning basic gymnastics terms and positions, and working on strength, balance & coordination skills, as well as building confidence!

Preschool 2

This class is recommended to 4-5 year olds who are ready for a bit of a challenge. All the fun of a preschool class plus fifteen more minutes! Kids will spend the hour in the preschool/recreational gym area working on performing basic gymnastic skills such as forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, pullovers and jumps!

Advanced Preschool

By coaches recommendation only. This class is for those fearless kids that just simply need more! It runs more like a recreational Level 1 class, spent in the "Big Gym," learning to perform basic skills on all four events - all at the pace of a preschooler.

Cant get enough of gymnastics? Check out our open gym just for preschoolers!