About Granite City Gymnastics

Granite City Gymnastics has been open for more than 12 years. Over the years we have worked on evolving our competitive team program, as well as providing fun recreational gymnastics for kids all over Central Minnesota. We strive to create a positive, fun, energetic learning atmosphere. Our coaches are professional, passionate, and here to create a memorable experience for your child!

What we believe.

Granite City Gymnastics’ primary mission is to provide a safe and positive environment for students to excel in the sport of gymnastics! We encourage all levels of participation from both boys and girls, and support every dream along the way. We strive to provide a wide variety of classes and scheduling options so that every gymnast and family can find the perfect fit! We know that excellent coaching results in excellent athletes, so we've made it our commitment to assure that every member of our staff upholds a pleasant, caring, and professional attitude while working with every athlete! The underlying philosophy of our program is that the happiness and well-being of the student athlete will always be the first consideration for all members of our staff.

Why Choose Granite City?

We have a professional staff who are excited about teaching the sport of gymnastics to kids of all ages! 
Gymnastics can teach children of all ages strength, flexibility, confidence, coordination, and most of all IT'S FUN!
We have a clean and safe atmosphere that includes our Pre-School Gym, Rec Gym, and Main Gym for kids of all ages to learn the drills and skills in gymnastics! 
We have multiple outlets for kids in gymnastics including Boys and Girls Pre-School, Boys and Girls Recreational, High School Off-Season Training, and Junior Olympic Competitive gymnastics programs. 
We offer a multiple child discount for Recreational classes for ALL sessions! $5 off tuition for the second child, and $10 off for the third!